Being bold

Want to be bold with your ideas? what’s stopping you? I don’t think anything is stopping you, you are just getting a little too comfortable in your comfort zone. Why not shake it up a bit and do something crazy to move away from the comfort zone and be uncomfortable.

I have been part of many video projects some are very easy going and I don’t have to think too much about the shots or visual story boarding, but then every now and then you might get something unusual which pushes you out of comfort zone completely. This is where the fun begins!

Being able to be out of comfort one increases your chance of learning new things hence helping you grow as a person. Consider a idea that you might think it’s either going to work perfectly or probably end up being rubbish at the end, this way you will either have the product or the worst. This increases your drive to make it work (work work work work work… You know what I just did there right?!).

How does a super crazy and fun idea start, this is the secret, it starts from nowhere. Being able to just pick up the camera and start filming something takes a lot of guts, this is only achieved if you firstly pick up the camera.

A camera doesn’t have to be a expensive DSLR, it can be just your phone. These days camera phones are way better some of the cameras in the market. The only thing driving this creativity will be you as a person, the people around you and your experience.

To make it extra uncomfortable why not make a video for a occasion where if your video turns out bad you cannot achieve something that dreamt off, but if you do succeed you will be one step closer to your dream.

Few examples of some out of the ordinary ideas:

So why not get up, pick up the camera and start filming something!

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