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New Documentary – Hindu Kush to Thames

Few years ago Pritpal Singh(TheDutchSikh) decided to take a step and find out more about his background and his homeland Afghanistan. How you might be wondering? – Guess what, he went to Afghanistan! and decided to record the whole of his journey. I had a opportunity to work with Pritpal who has great energy and […]

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Being bold

Want to be bold with your ideas? what’s stopping you? I don’t think anything is stopping you, you are just getting a little too comfortable in your comfort zone. Why not shake it up a bit and do something crazy to move away from the comfort zone and be uncomfortable. I have been part of […]

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Finding your camera

When I first started off filming I use to have a very basic Nikon DSLR, well no DSLR is basic. The amount of engineering goes into making one of these is just EPIC! I had no idea of the settings available on the camera, that was mostly because I had no idea about filming etiquettes. […]

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Vlogging, a phenomena worth blogging

Vlogging, a phenomena worth blogging. You may have noticed recently a new phenomena called vlogging, this is where an individual takes a video diary of himself / herself and shares it with the world. All Youtubers seem to be jumping on this bandwagon, have we ever wondered why that is? why is it such a […]

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Interview with style

So, we be doing an Interview? Lets! In an interview there are three important things, the content (questions and the actual discussion), the lighting and the location. If any one of the three is unsatisfactory, then the whole interview can be a disaster. So, how do we make sure we don’t create a mess? Plan […]

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Challenging the norm

A film is more than just about entertainment, it gives us a platform to share and highlight our opinions / feelings / views which matter most to us and the society. Creating entertainment without a purpose is like quenching your thirst with an empty glass. Why have an empty glass when you can fill the […]

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