Challenging the norm

A film is more than just about entertainment, it gives us a platform to share and highlight our opinions / feelings / views which matter most to us and the society.

Creating entertainment without a purpose is like quenching your thirst with an empty glass. Why have an empty glass when you can fill the glass with amazing drinks! enough of the glass and the drinks, might as well just go and get pizza nomnomnom…

Throughout the generations lots of issues have been highlighted with filming, giving an insight into the world which you wouldn’t normally get a chance to peak into. Film makers such as Penny Woolcock and Zana Briski have attempted to give the audience a glimpse into the life of totally different society.

  • Do they do it for self satisfaction?
  • Do they want to change the way we think?
  • Are they trying to push the limits?
  • Has the film changed / impacted the audience?

A film maker can only do so much but will do his / her best to make an impact so the audience feels the exact same emotions the film maker went through whilst making the film.

I would urge everyone to spend some time alone, with yourself, reflect on your thinking, reflect on your perception of the world and most importantly start believing in yourself.

Will be getting some great guest film makers to share their experience on filming soon! watch this space!!

Also don’t forget to watch the video attached, spend some time to reflect on the content. It’s an amazing film highlighting and giving an insight into the world which we think is full of pleasure and money! but that’s far from the reality.


Links: BFI – Penny Woolcock | Think Film – Born into Brothels by Zana Briski

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