Finding your camera

When I first started off filming I use to have a very basic Nikon DSLR, well no DSLR is basic. The amount of engineering goes into making one of these is just EPIC!
I had no idea of the settings available on the camera, that was mostly because I had no idea about filming etiquettes. Slowly but surely I am learning the filming ways and I think I am only at the beginning part of the journey if any.

So back to the point, the camera. It’s a essential bit of kit that can make or break the film you are making. There are plenty of options out there, full frame, crop frame, 4k, 6k, RED, GO pros etc… and I wouldn’t blame you if you have no idea which camera you should pick. There are just so many out there!

Given the time and money I have spent on filming gear and learning I have found that my current camera (Canon 60D) is so much more then what I think it is. I have had it for 2 years and I still haven’t used it to its full potential and that’s mostly because of the person behind the camera, ME!

Having a fancy camera is all good but I realised that I am getting so much out of this camera without even fully utilising it, then why in the world would I need to change?! because the industry is moving I have to move with it? he** no!

Industry is defined by you as an individual, what is real is YOU! you don’t have to conform to the ever trending fashion of the society, the ever tending trends of the universe because that’s what makes you unique. Sorry just watched Star wars so getting a little touchy about being part of the light and being able to make a change!

As I was saying, there is no point changing the camera if you are just doing it because the other individuals from the industry have it and you are lagging behind, because guess what? You can make the world’s most EPIC film with the camera you have lying around some where in the cupboard, remember that!

The force is strong with this one, may the force be with you.

Kind regards,

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