Interview with style

So, we be doing an Interview? Lets!

In an interview there are three important things, the content (questions and the actual discussion), the lighting and the location. If any one of the three is unsatisfactory, then the whole interview can be a disaster. So, how do we make sure we don’t create a mess? Plan out each part individually.

Before we go deeper into this, we have to understand that we can’t be experts in everything. Hence you have to get the best people for the best jobs, just like for an interview you should have a dedicated person focused on the content etc…

The Interview

Assign a dedicated person to create the draft content which will be used as part of the interview. Make a list of questions and remember them all, this will be very useful as every time you get an answer, you should be able to follow up with a question from you question bank. This keeps the flow natural and constant.

It’s not just about asking questions, it’s the body language, smiles, laughs, acknowledgments and respect. It’s not that simple to be a presenter and ask questions, it requires plenty of planning and practice just like everything else.

The Lighting

I usually say a simple camera does the job, but not this time. You need to take care of the lighting as well. This doesn’t have to be expensive if you know how to use what you already have.

So we now have plenty of lights ready to be part of the action, what do we do now? whatever you do DO NOT put the light directly on the face without a diffuser. This is wrong but even worse for the guest if they are made to sit there with massively harsh light shining on their face.

Point the light on their face with a diffuser in front of the light and also use a light for the background to get rid of any shadows. If you shine light on the back wall at different angles, you can remove any shadows caused by the lights in front.


The location can be anywhere but it has to reflect the interview. Whether you’re at the beach, in a hotel room or in a BBC office with people in the background walking behind frosted glass walls. It is essential for the location to be connected to the interview.

I think it goes without saying that you probably have to use more than one camera for this to keep things simple. If you can’t have more than one camera then FEAR NOT! It’s not the be all and end all. It just means the interview will have to last longer and you need to be more organised when asking questions and moving the camera.

Its simples! Just work with your crew, make sure you enjoy yourself and most importantly make sure your guest enjoys himself / herself as well.

Happy filming,


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