New Documentary – Hindu Kush to Thames

Few years ago Pritpal Singh(TheDutchSikh) decided to take a step and find out more about his background and his homeland Afghanistan. How you might be wondering? – Guess what, he went to Afghanistan! and decided to record the whole of his journey.

I had a opportunity to work with Pritpal who has great energy and a drive to help bring forward the struggles and views of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan. He will be releasing his new documentary which focuses on Afghan Sikhs and Hindus living in London.

The video will be released on Sky Channel 836, Sangat TV at 7 PM UK | 8 PM European time 21st May 2017.

The video will also be released on Pritpals Youtube channel – www.youtube.com/TheDutchSikh

Dont forget to tune in and look at the world which isn’t covered by the main stream media.


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