We at Flo Studios take our clients very seriously, our main goal is to capture the client’s vision and infuse it with the creative minds at Flo Studios to deliver a product that will far exceed your expectations.

Let’s See How We Can Make You A Cup Of Tea!

  • Corporate

    Providing solutions to businesses be it internal or external with an approach to truly connecting the audience to the business. We work closely with the team to cater for any requirments from the business.
  • Short Documentaries

    Giving the chance for the audience to truly connect with you through short films. We make sure we capture your true message by working very closely with you by spending the time to understand your requirments and your vision. Give us a shout if you are unique!
  • Wedding Videography

    Capturing the big day day with you in mind, connecting the guests and the family to your special moment long after the actual day. Truly an ever lasting journey which we make with you.

    We work with you long after the day to make sure you get the best out of us.

  • Music videos

    Providing an approach to match the vision of your music with a unique twist. Working closely with the artists is the key to a succesfull music video and thats exactly what we do.
  • Kinetic typography

    Giving you the edge with our approach to truly making your project unique with specialists kinetic typography incorporated within your videos.
  • Events

    Have an event be it Personal, Corporate, Social or friends? let us know and we will brainstorm with you ideas and approach to capture the event with you in mind.
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Work with us

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