Vlogging, a phenomena worth blogging

Vlogging, a phenomena worth blogging.

You may have noticed recently a new phenomena called vlogging, this is where an individual takes a video diary of himself / herself and shares it with the world. All Youtubers seem to be jumping on this bandwagon, have we ever wondered why that is? why is it such a popular way of sharing a “Lifestyle” with the people out there?

When we see our heroes / heroines on the screen we always wonder what do they do during a normal day? this is the kind of curiosity which is blooming the world of vlogging. It is a window into the life of someone else.

Vlogging may sound like an easy task, why wouldn’t it be? all we have to do is film your day, put it all together on the computer and BAIM! you have a vlog. Well…It may not be that simple, people buy expensive cameras, take great shots, plan what to say (concise and informative) and edit all night long. overall they make it look like a walk in the park, but it’s far from it.

Some of the Youtubers you may have seen vloggig like Casey Neistat, Jus Reign, Superwoman and Fun for Louis who make every attempt at making there vlog as creative as possible and share with the audience there daily life as purely as possibly. I have been following Casey Neistat for a while and what I have noticed is that every vlog made by him is a film worth watching, taking just as much time planning and taking shots as if it was a full blown professional film. This is a great way to improve your content and technique of filming with limited / or unlimited amount of equipment and props.

Vlogging is a great way of telling a story (a real story) about your life, and this is what’s keeping the audience intrigued, learning about their heroes / heroines in a non artificial environment.

I personally love Fun for Louis who goes on amazing travels, meeting great people and sharing love and kindness with everyone around the world making the most out of life. So if you want to improve your filming techniques why not start vlogging?

That’s it from me tonight, keep growing strong vloggers!



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